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By Kevin Shekell - President, J.E. Shekell, Inc. 

Hello from the team at J.E. Shekell, Inc. It’s been great communicating with you through the Shekell Edge. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 

We like sharing stories about clients who come to J.E. Shekell, Inc. with a unique need, and how we work together to create the solution. 

We share them to remind you we create custom solutions for any industrial or production application. And that our team of engineers, HVACR technicians, electricians, sheet metal workers and plumbing professionals excel at collaborating their specialties for smart, effective outcomes. 

Early this year, Webb Wheel Products, Inc. – a leading supplier of original brake drums, hubs and rotors for truck and trailer applications – came to us with a production line issue at its Tell City, Indiana facility. 

The problem involved bar code stickers that wouldn’t adhere to new hubs on the wheel assembly line due to moisture left on the hubs after machining. The solution would have to remove the moisture without stopping or slowing down production. 

In March, J.E. Shekell engineers, sheet metal workers and electricians went to work on a hub drying oven for Webb Wheel’s production line. By May, the finished drying oven was integrated into the line and doing its job successfully with no lag time! 

To the team at J.E. Shekell, Inc., the custom-designed drying oven is a work of art. To Webb Wheel Products, it is a practical, costeffective solution to a tricky problem. 

Our thanks to Webb Wheel Products, Inc. for your confidence in us and to J.E. Shekell, Inc. professionals Gary Wakeland, Bruce Rainey, Martin Brunty, Drew Koehler and Jim Thornton for your part in this success story.

John E. Shekell Named Among First Inductees into Koch Air Dealer Hall of Fame

J.E. Shekell, Inc. extends a big congratulations to our founder and namesake, John E. Shekell, who has been selected along with two other individuals as the first inductees into the Koch Air Dealer Hall of Fame. 

John and the other inductees were honored at the annual Koch Air Dealer meeting April 15 at Tropicana Evansville Casino & Entertainment Facility. 

Koch Air, LLC’s Dealer Hall of Fame formally recognizes individual dealers for their long-standing loyalty to the Carrier brand and the HVAC industry. John started his work as a committed, successful dealer of Carrier products on the day he founded his company in 1979 with just one truck. He has certainly earned this lifetime achievement award. 

As one of its qualifying Hall of Fame standards, Koch Air requires that an individual dealer and his or her dealership have a minimum of 20 consecutive years of service to Carrier, and 

that Carrier sales must represent a signifi cant or majority share of business for the dealer. In addition, the dealer must be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer (CFAD). 

Hall of Fame candidates are nominated by Territory Managers based on these valuations: 

• Years of service 

• Loyalty to Carrier (historical percentage of purchases) 

• Industry accomplishments 

• Local leadership 

• Personal history with companies that supply Carrier products 

The other two Hall of Fame inductees are Carrier dealers John Hall of Design-Air, LLC in Decatur, IL, and Jerry Korte of Korte Does It All, Inc., in Ft. Wayne, IN. Like John Shekell, both are the founders of their companies and veterans of the industry. 

Celebrating its 80th year as a Carrier product distributor, Koch Air, LLC, is headquartered in Evansville with branches in Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne, IN; Louisville, Lexington and Paducah, KY; and Maryland Heights, MO.Founded in 1936, Koch Air is still family-owned and operated. 

J.E. Shekell, Inc. applauds the three fi rst inductees into the Koch Air Dealer Hall of Fame. And we thank our founder, John E. Shekell, for his many years of commitment and leadership.


Farewell to Anita Hart, Job Costing & Billing Clerk

J.E. Shekell, Inc. must bid a fond farewell to Anita Hart, who is retiring as Job Costing and Billing Clerk after serving as a vital part of our operations for 19 years. Anita worked closely with J.E. Shekell, Inc. Project Managers setting up job accounts, issuing change orders, managing billings and adjustments, and otherwise keeping expert order of a challenging, highly-detailed job. 

And she loved it, Anita says. “I really did enjoy my work at Shekell and told people it was the best job in the building,” she laughs. A University of Evansville graduate with a bachelor’s degree in math, Anita taught math for 11 years before joining the J.E. Shekell, Inc. team in June, 1997. Incorporating her 

math skills into the broader scope of her job – and working with the great people at J.E. Shekell, Inc. -- made for a gratifying career with our team, she says. 

Anita and her husband, Bill, a retired, self-employed barber-stylist, are looking forward to vacationing with their son Will and daughter-in-law Cassie in October near the Grand Canyon. Of course they’re anxious to see granddaughters Olive, 7 ½, and Eliza, 2 ½ as well! Anita and Bill also want to do some additional traveling, tackle projects around the house, and possibly spend time re-caning heirloom chairs – a hobby they learned to do together. 

Our very best to you, Anita, on your retirement! J.E. Shekell, Inc. thanks you for your positive attitude, helping spirit, and outstanding professional contributions to our team for these 19 years. We wish you good health, safe travels, and lots of great memories as your retirement journey begins.

People & News:

Steve Payne was promoted to Plumbing / Electrical Service Manager. He previously served J.E. Shekell, Inc. for 15 years as a journeyman plumber. 

Travis Sims, Electrical Service Technician, has joined the company. An IBEW/Ivy Tech grad,Travis holds a Masters Electrical License. He was previously with Sterling Boiler & Mechanical, Inc. 

Tiffaney Shields was named Credit Collections manager. She was previously employed by Koch Air, LLC.


Protecting Workers Against Summer Heat Conditions

In the summer, preventing heat illness is potentially more vital to worker safety than any protective equipment. When heat and humidity rise to extreme risk conditions, it’s the job of team leaders and supervisors to protect against heat illness that can escalate quickly, and even cause death. 

At J.E. Shekell, Inc. we are proud of the low, .84 Experience Modifi cation Rate (EMR) we’ve earned, because it refl ects the work and dedication our teams put into worker safety education and training. And that includes protecting against Southwestern Indiana’s often-sweltering summer conditions. 

Knowing the Risk Levels 

The keys to anticipating, recognizing and managing heat illness are: 

 • Knowing exact work conditions / risk levels hour to hour 

 • Assigning trained health-risk monitors as needed 

The OSHA Caution Risk Levels below give a brief rundown for assessing risk factors and heat index (combined effect of temperature and humidity). Of course they are good guidelines for anyone exposed to extreme summer conditions. 

Lower Caution Risk Conditions Heat Index Less than 91° F 

Most people can work safely with only basic OSHA measures for worker safety and health. 

Moderate Risk Conditions Heat Index 91° to 103° F 

Some precautions needed. Keep water and shade available; monitor conditions. 

Very High to Extreme Risk Conditions Heat Index Greater Than 115° F 

Especially when not acclimated, risk for serious heatrelated illness greatly increases at this level. Extra measures are needed, such as re-scheduling jobs, working during lowest heat-index times and enforcing work/rest/drink schedules. A knowledgeable healthsafety employee should be on site continually to recognize and assess both physical and psychological symptoms of heat illness and heat stroke. Heatrelated illnesses should be treated immediately.


A large office or industrial facility can consume huge amounts of energy during daily operations. Often, the HVAC system is a big contributor to energy consumption, as it runs to maintain the facility’s temperature, humidity and air purity levels around the clock. 

At J.E. Shekell, Inc., we help cut costs and regulate comfort levels in large industrial environments. 

Custom Designed ~ Programmable 

Working closely with commercial and industrial clients, our team custom-designs and installs Automated HVAC Control systems that address specifi c factors in your offi ce and/or facility such as shift work, number of employees, types of machines and processes, humidity and heat sources, and more. 

The Control system’s customizable framework is the key to regulating a facility’s environment and comfort on day-to-day cycles, based on facility use and needs. It is also the key to saving energy and cutting costs. 

“The design and functionality of the HVAC system in an industrial or commercial building affects efficiency, costs and comfort in a building for years to come,” notes Aaron Derr, Engineering / Energy Services Director at J.E. Shekell, Inc. “An Automated HVAC Control system is a smart investment for commercial and industrial facilities and businesses that want better comfort control and energy efficiency year-round.” 

 HVAC New Builds, New Systems, Updating & Maintenance 

Feel free to call us at J.E. Shekell, Inc., and talk about your facility’s HVAC needs. 

Our team provides full-service commercial HVAC design and installation, from new builds and Automated Control Centers to system updates and monthly maintenance.